Music Composition:
Sidekick Ringtones
The Powers That Be

Mobile Game Soundtracks:
Bang Bang SFX: [1]
LandSeaAir: [Land] [Sea] [Air]
FMOD for Android: [1]
CheeseRacer: [1] [2] [3]
Bob: [1] [2]
Meme: [1]

Audio UI:
Sidekick: [1] [2] [3]
[sad clown] [LX] [Slide] [SK2008]
Xbox NXE Audio UI
EA Sports Audio UI (demo)

Sonic Branding:
Windows7 Media Center launch sound
Alchemie Ventures Podcast (intro)

Interactive Audio
The Art of Listening
The Wave of the Future

YouTube Links To A Checkered Past:
Flying Toasters
Joe Louis Walker, Baden-Baden, 1991
Joe Louis Walker, Barcelona, 1991